Events for ANY/ALL dogs:

AKC CAT Events (double/double) August 26/27 - Arroyo del Oso Park in Albuquerque, NM. **NEW** FAST CAT demo. PREMIUM


Events for SIGHTHOUNDS only:

AKC Trials & Tests - October 28/29 at Hacienda de Caballo Ranch in Edgewood, NM **NEW** Saturday - sighthound Halloween costume contest

ASFA Trials - November 18/19 at Hacienda de Caballo Ranch in Edgewood, NM **NEW** Saturday - Judges' Seminar


2017 Events COMPLETED

CATs and JC/QC Tests - March 11/12 in Rio Rancho, NM

ASFA Trials plus AKC JC/QC Tests - April 1/2 in Edgewood, NM

AKC Trials & Tests - April 22/23 in Edgewood, NM

AKC CAT Events - October 14/15 - in conjunction with the show cluster in Truth or Consequences, NM CANCELED


CATs  - March 10/11  -  site to be determined

ASFA Trials  - March 31 / April 1 in Edgewood, NM

AKC Trials & JC/QC Tests - April 21/22 in Edgewood, NM

Lure Coursing Info

Notification List

To be added to the NM Sighthound notification list, contact: 

FTS Elissa Thompson at elissa@nmia.com 505.250.0935