Events for ALL/ANY DOG:

Coursing Ability Tests (CATs) and Fast CATs (Lobo Lure Coursing Club) - August 25/26 - Location TBA


Events for SIGHTHOUNDS only:

ASFA LC Trials (Lobo Lure Coursing Club) - March 31/April 1 - at Hacienda de Caballo in Edgewood, NM.   PREMIUM.
LGRA Racing (RUNM) - April 6/7/8 - at Hacienda de Caballo in Edgewood, NM. Details HERE
AKC Trials & JC/QC Tests (Lobo Lure Coursing Club) - April 21/22 - at Hacienda de Caballo in Edgewood, NM. PREMIUM
LGRA Racing (RUNM) - July 28/29 - at Hacienda de Caballo in Edgewood, NM. Details HERE

AKC Trials & JC/QC Tests (Lobo Lure Coursing Club) October 27/28 - at Hacienda de Caballo in Edgewood, NM. 

ASFA LC Trials (Lobo Lure Coursing Club) - November 17/18 - at Hacienda de Caballo in Edgewood, NM. 


2018 Events Completed:

Coursing Ability Tests (CATs) and Fast CATs (Lobo Lure Coursing Club) - March 10/11 - Rio Rancho Sports Complex, Rio Rancho, NM. One CAT and one Fast CAT offered each day.  PREMIUM


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Notification List

To be added to the NM Sighthound notification list, contact: 

FTS Elissa Thompson at elissa@nmia.com 505.250.0935